Table of Contents

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  1. How to Walk on Water (How God can add to our ordinary so that we can accomplish the extraordinary)
  2. Knowing The Will Of God (How to discern God’s leading)
  3. The Prince Of Peace (Why is Jesus called the Prince of Peace and what does  that mean for humanity today?)
  4.  Is It Ever OK To Judge? (How to show love and speak truth)
  5.  Passing The Test (How to prepare for the tests that are sure to come)
  6.   The Man In The Mirror (The importance of looking in the mirror and seeing what God sees)
  7.  Childlike vs. Childish faith (How pursue spiritual maturity while maintaining the childlike qualities Jesus commends in Matthew 18)
  8. How To Pray With Power (10 components of a powerful prayer life)
  9. Managing Confrontation (How to make a point without making an enemy)
  10. How To Have A Grateful Heart (Growing in gratitude)
  11. Anger Management (How to manage your anger and guard your witness)
  12. Evidence For The Resurrection (The facts that make a compelling argument)
  13. Rest For The Stressed (How to find the rest that Jesus promised)
  14. The Millennial Reign Of Christ  (God’s promise and our future)
  15. Shibboleth (Walking the Walk and not just Talking the Talk)
  16. The Mission And Ministry Of The Church (What is expected of the church today?)
  17. Reasons To Believe [Part 1]    (Knowing what you believe and why you believe it)
  18. Reasons To Believe [Part 2]  (Historical evidence for faith)
  19. Reasons To Believe [Part 3]  (Dealing with apparent inconsistencies)
  20. Overcoming Depression (Finding help and comfort in the Word of God)
  21. How To Overcome Temptation (A study in Matthew 4)
  22. Are You Rapture Ready? (The who, what, where, when, and why of the rapture teaching)
  23. The Pursuit Of Happiness (Thoughts from the Beatitudes regarding how to find joy and peace)
  24. The Genealogy Of Jesus Christ (Finding inspiration in all of Scripture)
  25. Strange But True (How God works in mysterious ways)
  26. Communication (Saying the right thing, the right way, at the right time)
  27. What’s Next? (A profile of what to expect in the days to come)
  28. Defining Greatness (A profile of John the Baptist)
  29. The Story Of Moses (The long road is often the best road)
  30. God Has Blessed America (Recalling our Christian heritage)