How To Walk On Water

How God can add to our ordinary so that we can accomplish the extraordinary


Humanity is captivated by stories of the those who overcome overwhelming odds. Movies such as, The Lord Of The Rings, and Star Wars play off of this theme—and generally do very well at the box office. It is especially exciting to recount real-life stories. Take sports for example:   Nadia Comaneci’s perfect score in the 1976 Olympics,  Roger Bannister’s breaking the four minute mile,  and Bob Beamon’s breaking the long jump world record by nearly two feet  in the 1968 Olympics are considered monumental moments in sports history.   The world is quick to cheer when the amazing happens. Many today long to taste that kind of victory—to know what it feels like to accomplish what many say can’t be done.

The story of Peter walking on the water is widely known by individuals inside and outside the church. It is the kind of story that both peaks our interest and touches the heart. But I believe it is more than just a story about what happened some 2000 years ago—I believe it is a story that reveals important insights regarding how God desires to work in our midst today.  In the video teaching noted below I share, from Matthew 14, what Jesus expects of His followers, what His followers can expect from Him, and how individuals can position to receive from God the opportunity to share in extraordinary work, accomplish extraordinary things, and live extraordinary lives.

The video teaching is noted below:




You have to get close to Jesus

  • Isaiah 41:10; James 4:8; Psalm 73:28; Matthew 14:28-31

You have to stick it out when it’s tough

  • Matthew 14:3
  • Matthew 14:13-21 (feeding of the 5000)
  • Matthew 14:25

Know that storms will come in the night

  • Alone (Matt. 14:22)
  • At night (Matt. 14:23)
  • Far from land (Matt. 14:24a)
  • Troubled/Terrified (14:26) = tarasso = to stir to agitate

Look for Jesus in the storm

  • 14:26-28 [saw = εἴδαμεν]
  • The root word is ὁράω (a verb, hor-ah’-o), which means to discern
  • Psalm 46:1; Deut. 23:14


Get out of the boat / Take a step

  • Matthew 14:29-30; Hebrews 11:6

Stay focused on Jesus:

  • (V.30)  sawG991 theG3588 windG417 boisterousG2478
    • the wind = ἄνεμον, ἰσχυρὸν = powerful, mighty


Remember: Jesus is ‘mighty to save’

  • (V.30) afraid =  phobeo = unreasoned fear
  • (V.30) beginning =  arxamenos = preceding the event
  • (V.30) sink =  katapontizo  = plunge down
  • (V.31) extended His hand = cheir  = power
  • (V.31) doubt  =  distazo   =  duplicate/copy

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